Aluminium 1000 Series

Aluminium 1000 Series

The 1000 series alloys are the purest forms of aluminium, resistant to chemical attack and weathering, easily worked and welded, but have the lowest strength of the aliminium grades. The 1000 series are often used in chemical processing equipment and other applications where material purity is important. 1000 series aluminium is highly ductile and is used for metal pressings of all types.


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  1. Chris mead - October 29, 2015 6:20 am

    Hi i would like to purchase a 2.5inch with a 1inch wall at 2.5 foot long aluminum 1000 series tube would be great if a tube is not available then maybe a rod 2.5 inch would work as well thank you for your time and have a blessed day.

    Chris Mead


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