We can supply a comprehensive range of brass bar in flat, square, round and hexagon, brass sheet, brass tube and brass angle and channel.

We can supply grades including CZ106, CZ108, CZ112, CZ114, CZ120, CZ121, CZ126, CZ130, CZ131 & CZ132.

Please do not hesitate to contact our experiences sales team for assistance and advice.


Brass is a copper zinc alloy, the zinc content can vary from 10% to about 39%. Low zinc content brasses are used where brazing and enamelling are requires such as jewellery. ‘Common Brass’ contains 36% zinc and is commonly found in sheet form. The highest zinc content of 39% produces free machining brass which usually includes the addition of a controlled amount of lead.


Brass has found uses in may applications where it is substituted for steel. This reduces cost and machine time. these application include hydraulic hose connections, garden equipment, plumbing and heating and of course the marine industry.

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