Formodal ® 030

Formodal ® 030

Formodal 030 is Aluminium precision plates that are milled on both sides. Each plate is cast, milled and foiled on both sides. Formodal is supplied to EN AW-5083 (Al Mg4,5 Mn0,7) standards.

We supply the following types of Formodal 030:

  • Cuts in almost any thickness, length and width
  • Blanks
  • Rings
  • Cut shapes after drawing
  • Finished parts processed by drawing
  • Transport threads for heavy plates

Further alloys, dimensions and delivery conditions on request.

Special features:

  • FORMODAL® 030 plan is based on the casting alloy EN AW-5083 – Al Mg4,5 Mn0,7. Through special thermal homogenization properties are obtained, which are very similar to a slab. The major difference is the lack of tension.
  • FORMODAL® 030 plan is shaped not by rolling. This means that no crystalline structures along.
  • FORMODAL is a trademark of BIKAR METALS GmbH.

Length x width – Standard (axb)

  • 2,020 x 1,020 mm
  • x 2,520 mm 1,270
  • mm 3,020 x 1,520
  • x 4,000 mm 2,200
  • 6,000 x 2,200 mm

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