Industrial Hinge

Industrial Hinge

We manufacture some of the most durable and lasting industrial hinges on the market. At Stainless and Aluminium we supply industrial rear and front hinges that are specifically suited for vertical industrial doors. Each hinge is crafted to the highest specification, delivering customers optimal efficiency. All our hinges are available in a wide selection of materials. If you need an industrial front or rear door hinge profile, we would be happy to provide you with rounded or squared options. Our hinges do offer customizable options, and we will work our best to accommodate your needs.


These heavy-duty hinges are made for large industrial doors and gates. They are designed to be installed and work effortlessly as a ready-to-use hinge. Our hinges are made to hold extremely heavy gates and doors, without ever breaking or collapsing under pressure. They will always deliver smooth and efficient opening and closes. We offer two main types of hinges and material thickness. Each hinge will be welded to work effectively. At Stainless and Aluminium we deliver the most durable and dependable industrial hinges.



  • Hinge Types: Type W and Type B
  • Thickness: Front Hinge 1.2 mm/ Back hinge 1.6 mm
  • Length: 8m (can be cut to order)
  • Options: round or square profile
  • Pre-galvanized
  • Customization available

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