Racking and Storage Beam Section

Racking and Storage Beam Section

Optimum for all your standard racking and storage needs, our Steel Beam Sections will provide the ultimate support and stability for heavy objects. Created with the highest quality steel, Stainless and Aluminium uses new industry technology to weld our steel beam sections. Our racking and storage beam sections are made to the highest efficiency, offering ultimate durability and support. All of the standard racking beam sections are offered in multiple materials and can be customizable to your specific requests and needs. However large and heavy-duty your racking and storage units are, our steel beams are made to withstand it.


Racking and storage steel beams are specifically made for various industrial and commercial structures. However, they are most commonly used for large industrial racks and storage shelves. These are racks and shelves that most likely hold up large and heavy structures or large quantities of heavy-duty materials.


At Stainless and Aluminium we have designed our steel beam sections to create effective and strong racks. No matter how large your shelves are, we can deliver as many steel beams as you desire. We also provide hole piercing and punching to your exact specifications, and already pre-pierced beams.



  • Length: 8 m (can be cut to order)
  • Pre-galvanized, pickled, oiled or hot rolled.
  • Customized hole piercing and punching (or pre-pierced beams)
  • Customization available

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