Top Hat Profile

Top Hat Profile

A top hat section is a versatile, economical, and lightweight product that is easy to use. These sections are highly popular for uses such as roof purlins, floor joists, fencing, carports, wall girts, and racking. Our top hat purlins provide an economical alternative to timber. We construct the profile to be easily lapped to improve ultimate performance. Our top hat sections are optimal for all commercial, industrial and construction applications. Made with the highest quality, these sections are offered in a variety of materials.



  • 1.5 mm thick
  • Length: 8 m (can be cut to order)
  • Pre-galvanized, oiled, hot rolled or pickled

Stainless and Aluminium top hat sections are manufactured through a hot dipped galvanized steel process. This provides a durable protection if this section will be used in exposed internal and moderate environments. Depending on the available transport and type of handling, you can order the length up to at least 12 metres. Order to specification with our efficient online ordering. Stainless and Aluminium top hat sections will deliver optimal support and durability. To ensure proper handling, steel sections are to be kept dry during storage. Making your job easier, our top hat sections are made to perfection.

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