Traditional and Flat Lathe

Traditional and Flat Lathe

Stainless and Aluminium welds extremely strong and efficient traditional and flat lathes. Most traditional lathes are used for objects that slide shut and open, such as roller doors. Our rolled steel lathes are created with a T section profile that provides a rolled edge for the bottom of roller shutter doors. Stainless and Aluminium makes traditional and flat lathes to the highest efficiency and specification to our customer’s needs. Our lathes are offered in a variety of materials, giving you the ability to customize your order.


A traditional steel lathe is designed precisely for heavy industrial doors or large storage compartments. Stainless and Aluminium crafts each section for both industrial and commercial purposes. Our welding experts will deliver the most durable and quality lathes to provide premium rolling for large shutter doors. Our lathes can be customizable to your needs and requirements. Each lathe is offered in pre-galvanized, pre-galvanized perforated, plastisol or stainless steel.

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  • Length: 8m (can be cut to order)
  • 2’ Flat Lathe (50mm) can be manufactured from 0.7 mm – 0.9 mm
  • 3” Traditional Lathe (75mm). Can be manufactured from 0.7mm- 1.2mm

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