Phosphor Bronze

Phosphor Bronze


We can supply a comprehensive range of phosphor bronze bar in flat, round and hexagon.

We can supply most grades including PB102/CW450K for general purpose engineering.

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Phosphor Bronze

Bronze is an alloy of copper and tin, the tin content can vary from 3% to 12%. Higher tin level alloys are particularly suitable for severe operating conditions.

Phosphor bronze is an alloy of copper with between 3.5 and 10% tin and a phosphorus content of up to 1%. The phosphorus act as a deoxidizing agent. These alloys display high strength and usefully a low coefficient of friction.

Phosphor bronze is particularly has particularly good for casting due to the improved fluidity in the molten state.


Phosphor bronze is used in electrical, marine and general engineering including: chemical, petrochemical and power generation, where resistance to fatigue, wear and chemical corrosion are needed. These applications include, bearings and bushes, bolts, masonry fixings and springs.

Bronze is also favoured for the marine environment and is used in the manufacture of ship propellers.