Mild Steel Channels (Parallel Flanged)

Mild Steel Channels (Parallel Flanged)

These steel structures are c-shaped beams that have a multitude of applications in a variety of industries including agricultural, transportation, manufacturing, fabrication, and industrial maintenance to name a few. Channels are the ideal shape for making repairs and all other structural applications. Its shape gives it the added strength and rigidity that is necessary for the heavy-duty jobs that it is used for. Which is what makes it a better option over steel angles for some jobs because it is a lot more stable and supports vertical and horizontal loads better. This is a very popular item for many structural jobs which is why we offer a variety of sizes. We supply steel channels in a number of different grades such as BS EN 10025, S275, and S355.


Our company offers steel channels a variety of different sizes ranging from 76 mm x 38 mm to 432 mm x 102 mm.  And if you require any non-standard sizes we can press brake the items you need for the job. So, if you’re in need of mild steel channels for your project give us a call today. We can deliver them to wherever your site may be across the nation.


Mild Steel Channel dimensions

mm x mm
76 x 38
102 x 51
127 x 64
152 x 76
152 x 89
178 x 76
178 x 89
203 x 76
203 x 89
229 x 76
229 x 89
254 x 76
254 x 89
305 x 89
305 x 102
381 x 102
432 x 102

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