We can supply a comprehensive range of copper bar in square, flat and round, also copper sheet and copper tube.

C101 (soft, hard, half hard) grades available in bars and sheets, and C106 Hard, C106 Soft & C106 HH for copper tube.


Copper is used widely in electrical, power generation, telecommunications, construction, automotive, printed circuit boards and cookware.

Copper is intrinsic to our way of life, its high electrical conductivity, very high thermal conductivity, its resistance to corrosion and the attractive green patina – a protective oxide film – has also made it the material of choice in many building applications, particularly for roofing.

Copper is the basis of numerous common alloys:


Common forms of copper

High conductivity (HC) copper is, as a rule, 99.9% minimum pure, it is used in electrical applications such as bus-bars, cables and motor/alternator windings. Pure copper is highly ductile meaning it can be easily drawn to fine wire sizes. It is available in all fabricated forms. The drawback is that the impurities make welding more difficult, this is overcome by the addition of phosphorous to deoxidise the copper.

Deoxidised copper can be readily brazed or welded, usually deoxidised by the addition of phosphorous. It is used in applications such as the manufacture of fresh water tubing and hot water cylinders.

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