Open Box/C Section

Open Box/C Section

Open box, otherwise known as C section, is mainly used for manufacturing industries, construction, and transportation. You will need one of these high-quality steel sections for dimensional accuracy and where extra durable steels are required. Our steel box sections are supplied in custom lengths and are made to the highest efficiency to help improve strength. Each part of our open box sections is custom designed to ensure you get the premium product you need, complete with holes and notching.


The C sections are often used for a wall girt in some type of structural system. Whatever your heavy-duty structure needs, our specially crafted open box / C section will provide the durability and support. We allow you to choose from a selection of quality materials, whether you want it hot rolled, pickled or oiled. At Stainless and Aluminium we create the most stable and effective steel sections. Choose the designed length, material, and number of holes desired for your structure, and we will ensure it is made to perfection. You will be extremely satisfied with our open box/C section materials.


  • Thickness: 1.5 mm
  • Length: 8 m (can be cut to order)
  • Custom options: Oval holes, ribbed sides
  • Pre-galvanized, pickled, oiled or hot rolled

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